We carry out restoration projects for residential real estate located in old fashioned buildings of Barcelona, modernist, noucentiste or neoclassical buildings built from the late nineteenth century to the mid-twentieth century.

In the last 4 years we have renovated and restored more than 30 unique properties located in the heart of Barcelona's Eixample. We recover all the original elements that give us these properties combining them with contemporary materials of high quality and with the constructive technology that offers us the XXI century.

We perform specialized works that highlight the original elements that we believe deserve to be preserved.


Interior and exterior carpentry. We carry out an artisan manual sanding work to prevent chemical products from damaging the wood and thus enjoy all its natural beauty. In case of exterior carpentry that face the street and it can be noisy, we value its replacement by new ones that reproduce the original style, made of wood and with triple glassing silence technology with a very high thermal and acoustic insulation.

Bronze Details

We restore all the details in bronze, as peepholes, handles, knobs… both in the main door and in the existing interior and exterior Carpentry

Exposed brick walls

We pick, clean and restore the dividing walls of the building that have solid bricks in horizontal position and that once exposed give the apartment a special character.

"Volta Catalana" ceilings

We recover the roofs of “Catalan Volta”, which can be presented with wooden beams, iron or concrete, which we treat for a better conservation. A delicate work of restoration and cleaning allows us to enjoy the beauty of this element so typical of our architecture.

Coffered ceilings

We restore and recover the splendour of the original coffered ceilings, through the manual sanding that allows us to eliminate all layers of paint accumulated over many decades and replacing those details in plaster that may have been damaged over the years.

Original hydraulic floors

We restore the original floors. We can find hydraulic tiles of 10×10, 15×15, 20×20 or Nolla mosaic with patterns and drawings. We replace damaged or none existent parts, polish and varnish. If necessary we raise and replace them in the form of carpets, after placing a levelling iron mesh.

Eixample Singular

New materials and prestigious brands

We use new materials such as natural wood parquet, microciment, air conditioning, kitchens, bathrooms… We work with high international prestige brands such as Fujitsu, Bosch, Grohe, Cristina Bossini, Marca Corona, Fontini, Silestone…

Specialization and experience

Our specialization and experience is our best letter of presentation and the guarantee of being able to enjoy a truly unique and unique floor.