Real Estate

Our objective is to assist both buyer and the seller in the purchasing process of quality real estate situated in Barcelona’s Eixample district, to keep within agreed deadlines.

We work with a portfolio of apartments that are situated in grand buildings – originating from the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century. These buildings are typically characterized by their intricately tiled floors, decorative windows and tall ceilings.

We are passionate about this architectural style which is so iconic of Barcelona and we offer the buyer the restoration of the selected floor, recovering in the best possible way its original charm with the technology of the 21st century.

Our aim is to provide an outstanding real estate marketing service for exclusive properties in Barcelona. To achieve this goal we deliver a range of outstanding services for each step of the sale.

Technical description

Our architectural team creates an architectural review of the property, highlighting from a technical viewpoint the advantages and possibilities therein.

Architect plan

Our technical architect performs an actual and scaled floorplan, as well as two refurbishment proposals that allows us to anticipate the potential buyers doubts and needs.

Refurbishment project

We develop a refurbishment project, optimizing spaces as much as possible and adapting to the possible needs of the future buyer. The project combines the original elements with new high quality materials.

Photographic portfolio

We do the renders according to the proposal refurbishment, adjusting to the reality as much as possible to visualise the final result.

In case the apartment is completely refurbished we’ll undertake a detailed photographic report in order to highlight the qualities of the property.

A marketing plan customised for each property

We adopt a marketing plan which is specific for each property. Each plan includes a series of specific actions, and communication and publicity aspects with only one goal in mind, the sale of your property.

Safeguarding and Care of your Property

We are always present on visits, personally ensuring that the property is in correct order for viewing.

Transparent and consistent communication

You will recieve a monthly report of the review and follow-up of relevant information regarding the sale of you property.

Consulting and assessment

We accompany you from the opening to the close of the sale, answering whatever query or necessity that could arise.

These aspects, among others that we will explain personally, are what make us unique in Barcelona.

Eixample Singular, we sell and transform properties